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Innovation & Sustainability?

Yes. It is possible to be creative in the food sector.

About Us

Mellifera JSC is a rapidly growing Bulgarian company which develops specialized nutrition. Founded by a beekeeper, with a mission to bring awareness of sustainability and organic beekeeping, the focus of the company is the innovative application of organic honey. 

Following its recent IPO Mellifera is in a process of expanding its manufacturing capacity and portfolio of functional foods. The team is motivated to promote healthy alternatives and seeks new opportunities and applications for its original products.

Our Products

Gourmet honey

Truly premium quality:
pure or flavored organic honey produced under Private label

MelliGel Guarana runner.jpg

MelliGEL Energy gel

Award-winning organic honey energy gel, certified for professional athletes .

Functional foods & supplements

We are developing more honey-based products

Honey is one of the oldest superfoods known to man.

Our esteemed original products are all based on it. The innovation consists in the design of a new role for honey: food for athletes, functional nutritional supplements, and a healthy alternative for conscious people.

Our mission is to restore faith in the super power of clean and sustainable food.”

Biljana Lowndes-Nikolova, Founder and CEO


Why honey, honey?

Contact Us

46 Ilarion Dragostinov Str., 1505 Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 2 971 2042

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