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Artisanal honey

Bio Acacia honey with bio rose oil

The "liquid gold" acacia honey, gathered in the lower mountains of Central Bulgaria, is infused with another product, which price compares to the gold - the world famous Bulgarian rose oil (Rosa Damascena). This exclusive blend not only clasps the health benefits of the duo, but also results in a superior and unique taste.

VARIETAL: white acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia L.)

ORIGIN: Bulgaria

PACKAGING: glass jars with net weight 140 g, 280 g, 430 g

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Raw honey

Bio Lavender blossom honey

Bulgaria is a top world producer of lavender oil. Since spring to late summer the Thracian fields are covered with this aromatic plant and of course the crops are buzzing with bees. The lavender honey has a delicate floral scent with an clear Lavender component either when liquid or crystalized.

VARIETAL: lavender flower (Lavandula angustifolia)

ORIGIN: Bulgaria

PACKAGING: glass jars with net weight 140 g, 280 g, 430 g

Raw honey

Pure Honeydew honey

Honeydew has one of the highest levels of antioxidants and its antibacterial properties compare to the levels found in Manuka honey. For its qualities and scarce harvest this honey is on
a high demand. 

Our honeydew honey has beed collected in the shady oak forests of Southern Bulgaria on the border with Turkey and Greece. 

VARIETAL: oak dew (Quercus hartwissiana)

ORIGIN: Bulgaria

PACKAGING: glass jars with net weight 140 g, 280 g, 430 g

Raw honey

Bio Coriander blossom honey

Bulgaria is amongst the top 5 world’s producers of coriander. Traditionally this aromatic herb covers the fields along the roads to Black sea. The nectar honey is collected between May and July, during flowering, in small family owned beekeeping farms.

VARIETAL: coriander flower (Coriandrum sativum L.)

ORIGIN: Bulgaria

PACKAGING: glass jars with net weight 140 g, 280 g, 430 g



The  land of the ancient Thracians

As the oldest state in Europe and one that has preserved its present-day name and place for over 1,300 years, Bulgaria is a well kept secret. Its amazing landscape spreads from the sea shore to the tallest mountain peak on the Balkans. This nature, clean from industrial harm brings the country among the first in Europe's export of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Bulgarian honey is of exclusive quality as it combines the geographical assets with the
local organic traditions in beekeeping.



We keep our company small to ensure personal care.

Sometimes when you buy honey, the information you get is limited or misleading.

where exactly this product comes from,

how can be determined the floral source,

was the honey processed and how?

Well, we can guarantee you that our products are UNPROCESSED, GENUINE and PURE.


The most common question we get is "is your honey heated, raw?". 

Most honey crystallizes and must be liquefied before it can be placed in the retail pack.

Our honey from acacia and honeydew is naturally liquid, so we do not need to liquify it, whereas the coriander type we fill in jars before the natural crystallization occurs.

So, we don't worry for losing valuable enzymes from heat damage. 

We don't need to pasteurize our honey to stop it fermenting because
we harvest only matured honey, i.e. with low water content.

We only strain our honey through a coarse mesh size to remove visible impurities but 
retain all the natural ingredients like pollen that should be in natural honey.



Many trading companies buy and mix large quantities of various sorts of honey from different apiaries. Whereas we are not just a trading company. We are also beekeepers. We sell only what we get either from our own apiaries or from proven fellow beekeepers.

We know exactly each batch from which meadow has come.


Our honey is produced in accordance with the best beekeeping practices and most of our apiaries are bio-certified. We do not use any type of non-natural bee medication; our beehives are far from agricultural crops which are treated with herbicides and pesticides.
, our honey is clean.

In order to prove its quality, we test each batch and provide analysis results.

Honey availability is not assured every year and/or all the year round due to the natural variability of the production. Beware of those who offer honey every year for twelve months. Our honey is artisanal and limited in quantity. We believe it can be compared to a fine wine,
with its unique process of blending the natural resources with the 

craftsmanship of the bees and beekeepers.

So we do our best striving to achieve excellency.

The name MELLIFERA comes from Latin and means honey bearing/making. 

We take pride in our products and assure the top quality of each jar.



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