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Our Mission

Mellifera's mission is simple and yet it's challenging.

We create honey-based products because we believe in the super properties of raw honey,
we strive to support organic beekeepers, and we work towards healthy living for all.

In fact, our quest against junk energy boosters directly corresponds to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3 Good Health and Well-being & Goal #15 Life on Land

Honey is one of the most sustainable foods on our planet. Its production requires no cultivation of land.
For honey production, all you need are bees and flowers, both of which thrive on untouched land.

Beekeeping is not exhaustive for the nature like the production of sugarcane (or corn – the source for maltodextrin), which requires land - often, trees are cut down to make way for the crops to be planted.

This deforestation results in loss of irreplaceable biodiversity, erosion, and many other
problems for the environment. 

Greenhouse gas emissions from honey production are very low because it requires minimal resources and energy. No large tractors or harvesters are needed, nor are fertilizers. Moreover nowadays agriculture heavily relies on herbicides, pesticides, and even GMO seeds, whereas organic honey
is produced strictly without any of those.

By producing and marketing our innovative products we stimulate both the bio husbandry and the demand for it, as the consumers do want healthy alternatives, and we want
a healthy alternative for the Earth. 

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Mellifera JSC supports the Sustainable Development Goals

We use every opportunity to talk about it
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