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About Us

mellifera [melliferum] adjective (Latin): "honey-bearing"

Mellifera was established in 2016 by Mrs. Biljana Lowndes-Nikolova, a marketing professional and
a hobby beekeeper determined to find ways to promote Bulgarian honey from sustainable beekeeping.
It took her just a couple of years to realize that success is intertwined with creativity and that foreign markets could be impressed only with a true innovation.

Biljana's first creations were blends of honey with various other superfoods. These gourmet products were certified organic and offered under the private label of customers from Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

About this time, in the process of experimenting with honey Biljana graduated as a food technologist and got into specialized education in sports nutrition. The "Aha!" moment came one day just when the world was locking down in the beginning of 2020...
MelliGEL was born as the first 100% organic energy gel based on honey and other superfoods. Once the product was certified by Informed Sport it grabbed the attention of professional athletes and started to collect awards for innovation and excellency.

Mellifera's endeavors attracted interest from investors and in December of 2022 the company had its successful IPO. Now the story continues with bold plans for expansion and more innovations.

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